The good people at NECA were very secretive about this figure. When I spoke with Randy Falk during my visit to the NECA Workshop, I noticed this action figure on the shelf next to the 8-Bit video game version (out now!). When I asked Randy if it was a custom figure, he said yes. Randy my friend, you are very good at your job. As of today I am a very happy Batman fan and toy collector.

In just 24 hours (as of the time I am writing this article) this has happened:

Batman stats

Love it! But not as much as I love a movie accurate action figure based on one of my favorite films of all time. To be honest I was going to pick up the 8-Bit one anyways, which I am still looking for, so this is just an added bonus! Preordered mine today and the total came to 36 bucks. The movie itself goes for 18 bucks on Amazon, so to pay 18 bucks for an amazing action figure in the colors I wanted most, thank you!

Look at that throwback card! This really brings back memories to a time where Batman would beat the crap out of Bob the Goon and lock him up in my Batcave! Good stuff NECA! The combo will be available on December 9th and you can preorder it over at the Warner Bros Ebay Store here.

I’m Batman!