neil-gaiman-lantern_0Recently, Neil Gaiman was presented with the The Maverick Spirit Award. In the words of Halfdan Hussey, Director and Co-Founder of Cinequest, The Maverick Spirit Award is given annually to a creator who marries “the innovation of Silicon Valley with the creativity of the worlds of film and writing.”

I can not think of a better person for this award to go to.  Gaiman is, to me, the most amazing and respected writer of our time. He makes you look at everything in a different light, transports you to a different place, and no matter how many times you read his books they never get old.

Gaiman talks “Sandman: Overture”, Creative Process, Serial Storytelling and Movie Hopes. He also mentions having a meeting with Joseph Gordon-Levitt to talk about the Sandman Movie (yay!!!) and also says something about movie rights having been purchased for The Ocean at the End of the Lane!
If you have any love for Neil Gaiman, even the tiniest bit, you will want to read this article.
Check out CBR for the full article.