There’s really no denying that Akira is one of the most influential anime’s of all-time. The first version of the movie made absolutely no sense, but when it was re-dubbed and recut we got a movie that not only looked and sounded great, but also a plot that we didn’t have to string together with theories.

With such a celebrated past, the film has been bandied about in Hollywood for some time as to when it will be adapted. It’s been attached to Leonardo DiCaprio for years. Finally, the people at Akira Project have done DiCaprio has only dreamed about; made a live-action version of the movie. Well, a trailer anyway.

With actual Asian stars, a sweet soundtrack, good fx; this trailer had me in goosebumps. Enjoy what could be the best thing you see today!

Here is the trailer:

Here is the production journal:

To learn more about the project, make sure to visit the Akira Project website, as well as like them on their Facebook!