As many of you know, I haven’t left the 80s since I was born in it. We are living in one of the most wonderful time periods where everything that existed lives again and sometimes better than we can even remember. Transformers, Voltron, Ghostbusters, She-Ra, Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Cars, John Carpenter…man just so many amazing things from that time period are still relevant now and it’s completely awesome.

Enter the NEON Retrofuturism Event happening from August 24th-26th in Rhode Island. This 3 day festival encompasses everything that is amazing about the late 70s through the EARLY 90s. That sweet spot in our history where you can ride the synthwave dreams into a cornucopia of arcade games and cult classics on VHS. This festival is begging to be attended and the time is NOW to get tickets. They’ll be capping attendance at 4500 people and only those select few will be able to witness such great bands as Robert Parker, Waveshaper, and Absolute Valentine all under one roof. The tunes play all day, the games play all night, and when you’re ready to relax; just pop in a classic VHS tape and go down an nostalgic highway of awesome.

Tickets are HERE and you can find more information on their website.

If you happen to go (and you really should), feel free to reach out and grab a high five and a TAB because Chris Seaver and myself from Gourmet Scum Radio will be in attendance!