God of War: Ascension Was announced earlier this year, and in a rather unexpected move, Sony announced that it would have a multi-player component. Today Game Director, Todd Philips, announced, via the ever wonderful PlayStation Blog, that a multi-player beta will be exclusively to PlayStation Plus Subscribers at first. Along with announcing the beta, he revealed some details regarding the pay modes. The main mode will be called “Favor of the Gods” Where each player has to accumulate points gained by killing opponents and altars that are scattered across the map. Matches will be 4 on 4, and take whats great about the single player and molds it to a competitive environment. Each player will choose a God as their Deity of choice, and will change their skill set based on the choice.

The Multi-player mode also looks to be retaining the epic scale that the single player has going, as with one map, there is a giant sized titan causing all sorts of havoc; and when a team has amassed a certain number of points, a special weapon will be dropped to that team to destroy the titan, perhaps winning the match.

For those of you who have never played any of the originals (shame on you!!), you’ll be able to pick up the original PlayStation trilogy, along with the two PSP games, in the God of war Collection, all for a measly $39.99!!!

The God of War collection will be released on August 28th for the PS3, while God of War: Ascension will be released March 12 2013.