One of the best interpretations of the big blue boy scout is hands down the Christopher Reeves/Richard Donner version. Hailed as one of the greatest superhero films of our time, Superman: The Movie will always be looked at as the benchmark of the character on the silver screen. Well this year we will have another opportunity to add the movie to our collection, again.

Being a collector of superhero films I of course jumped on the opportunity to own the “triple feature” when it was on sale. The collection includes Superman, Superman 2 and Superman Returns. The best thing about this new set is that it includes two versions of the original movie that I don’t have: the 2000 Special Edition and now the special three-hour cut which aired on ABC but never made available in on disc. Back in 1982 the film was shown over a two-night period as an unprecedented event giving fans a chance to see Donner’s FULL version of the movie.

The two-disc set will be available at some point this year so keep it tooned to DFAT for updates.