Arnold is coming back to the big screen this weekend in The Expendables 2, but just in a minor capacity. His first starring role in years though, is coming out next January in ‘The Last Stand.’ It’s being directed by Kim Ji-woon, who directed I Saw The Devil, which is one of the best movies to come out in YEARS. The Last Stand marks his first American-made movie. It stars The Terminator protecting a quiet town on the Mexican border, until one day a Mexican drug lord comes into town trying to take over! Boy, is this guy in for a world of hurt!

The movie’s plot seems threadbare, but I could honestly care less. It has Arnold kicking ass and not apologizing for it. As if he even knows how to say ‘apology’ in Austrian! Check out the trailer below, from the man who shaped how created ACTION for me as a child!

The Last Stand stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and for some reason, Johnny Knoxville. It’s directed by Kim Ji-woon (I Saw The Devil) and is expected to come out January 2013.