I’ve been a big Judd Apatow (40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up) ever since Freaks and Geeks. The man is smart and he knows PEOPLE. He knows their humor, their sadness, and how to connect with an audience.  Watching Freaks and Geeks, I felt like Sam Weir. Yes, he’s 10 years older than I am in that show, but I am a geek and my friends were/are geeks, and I could see myself going on some of the same adventures they did.  It was a more modern Wonder Years. Since, F&G, Apatow has only honed his craft at story-telling in a way to get his audience more engaged with his movies. Even his last flick, Funny People, though after my initial viewing I felt bored and didn’t really ‘get it.’ After, another viewing, and more since then, I love it. In subtle ways it speaks to me.

So, here with are with This is 40. I’m 30, so even though I can’t relate entirely to what the characters are going through, I just love that in 10 years I may be going through the same trials and tribulations of Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann‘s characters.  As if those great actors weren’t enough, the flick also stars Chris O’Dowd, Jason Segel, Melissa McCarthy, and Megan Fox. 

Check out the new trailer via YouTube


This is 40 is written/directed by Judd Apatow and has music provided by one of my FAVORITE composers, Jon Brion (Step Brothers, I Heart Huckabees). It is slated to open December 21st, 2012.