One of my favorite aspects of NYCC besides the comics are the sneak peaks from manufacturers and the thousands of action figures available from vendors. Being an avid action figure collector and seller, I love a chance to browse the aisles of NYCC. If you are looking for that one figure to complete your collection, or that special variant, or trying to get your hands on a convention exclusive, this is the place to be! The big toy companies have  a decent presence at NYCC and we got some great looks at some of the upcoming lines from Mattel.

Mattel Logo

Mattel had a great presence at NYCC this year, they are pretty much top dog at the convention every year. With Mezco being their stiffest competition, but these two companies truly exist on different planes of collecting existence. I’m not really sure why Hasbro chooses not to have a booth, I’m pretty sure they did the first year I attended. I would also love to see NECA show up some year as well. Funny thing,  I was going to write one “Toy Round-Up” post for NYCC this year, but Mattel had a cool booth and a lot to show off. The company had some great new things to show us this year including the new DC Multiverse 3.75″ Classic Movie figures! Take a look at Michael Keaton with and without his mask! Joining Batman are the villains of Batman Returns, the Penguin and Catwoman, sorry Christopher Walken fans. Over in the classic Superman movie-verse we are getting to iconic characters, Christopher ReevesSuperman and Terence Stamp as General Zod. I am actually quite impressed by the detail of these figures, especially at their scale.

DC Total Heroes is Mattel‘s attempt to bring the 6″ line to a more kid friendly and accessible line. Check out my gallery of pictures below featuring both heroes and villains from across the DC Comics New 52 Universe. Unfortunately this is not a good replacement for the DC Universe Classics line so I will not be picking these up. They definitely have a much simplier design and “battle ready” accessories, I’d say these are definitely not adult collector figures. Though I will say if I was a kid, I would find these pretty cool as they have a neat design to them that sets them apart from other figures Mattel has released in the past. They kiiiinda remind me of the JLU line, a little, which could prove successful. Also on display but not pictured here were Bizarro and Mr Freeze figures.

DC Universe Classics Logo

Sadly 2014 will be the end of the DC Universe Classics line from MattyCollector. Look for the 4 figures that were made to prototype and the cancelled Damian Wayne Robin will be available to the general public (grumble) throughout 2014 on MattyCollector as quarterly sale products. The Containment Suit Doomsday will be an exclusive at SDCC 2014 and then be available on MattyCollector. Good luck buying that one DCUC fans, that’s all I have to say. Nonetheless at least Matty is giving the fans a chance to get their hands on Ice, and the rest of the pack isn’t so bad.



It was pretty cool to see the complete set of Watchmen Club Black Freighter together and in front of the box mural. I wonder if MattyCollector will run anymore “special” clubs like this one and Voltron. Or how about Club Black Freighter Series 2 The Minutemen?!

Mattel Watchmen Club Black Freighter group



Finally from Mattel a smart move as they cross their most popular toy, Barbie, with one of the most popular tween series in both print and film, The Hunger Games Catching Fire.  Get ready to catch fire on November 22nd, when the second installment of the film franchise hits theaters!

Part Two Tomorrow! Featuring Play Arts Kai, Play Imaginative, and Mezco!

Stay tooned 😛


DC Universe Classics Ras Al Ghul