Welcome back to DFAT’s Toy and Collectible coverage from NYCC 2013, yesterday we talked about what Mattel had to offer up, today I will cover three companies that are putting out some of the best products available. No matter what kind of collector you are, you will find something up your alley at NYCC!


Square Enix Play Arts Kai Logo

Square Enix Play Arts Kai

This company always has a great display every year at NYCC for the fans and a store front to sell the latest figures. I picked up the Man of Steel Exclusive Black Suit Variant, and I have to admit I really like these figures. Basically all of the lines, I have two of the Batman Arkham City figures, regular and Dark Knight Returns skin, and I think they are the some of the best quality figures out there. Check out our coverage from NYCC this year featuring a look at the NEW Robocop figure from the upcoming reboot!

DC Comics Anime Variant: I kinda like these, enough to really want to pick up that Wonder Woman for my collection and the Batgirl just looks totally bad ass so I will probably snag her when she gets released. The Batman ones are pretty awesome with swords, can’t deny that, but I really like how sleek their armor looks!. Some of them look a little to Anime in the face but I guess you can’t fight that one. Take a look at the gallery below!

RoboCop: Get ready for this classic series to make a triumphant return next year when the reboot hits theaters!

Assassins Creed: I am really excited to play Assassin’s Creed IV, one of my favorite things about the third installment was the sailing adventures. Check out these great figures of the both of the main characters from the games.

Play Imaginative Logo

Play Imaginative was relatively unknown before last year, I remember seeing a Batman figure on the internet that was made of alloy metal. It was done in the manner of Jim Lee’s New 52 look and that’s what we are getting with the next figure in the set, Superman. Get ready for the rest of the Justice League to join them soon as Cyborg, The Flash, and Green Lantern. I really like the look of these high quality action figures and its nice to see that this company has been very successful in just over a year, adding three new characters to their stable!

Iron Man is a perfect choice for the metal alloy that Play Imaginative makes their toys out of. Now you’ve seen what they can do with the regular Iron Man, now look at what Iron Man 3 inspired them to do…

Can you imagine having all of those on your shelf?! What an awesome concept that Play Imaginative executed and made a reality. It would also be amazing if you could afford all of them to put on your shelf!



Mezco Logo

I like it when toy companies come to NYCC. Mezco, a company that isn’t worried about their image, watch as they create little pieces of art with every figure they put out. Walking the line of weird, Mezco had a nice display of  their Axe Cop series, Child’s Play Chucky in several sizes,  Breaking Bad Bobble-Heads, and some cool DC Comics Mez-Its, even ones that are from the 1960’s TV series! Check out our gallery below.

Until next year!

Stay tooned 😛


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