When you’re a geek, there’s things that get you pretty excited to be alive. They give you goosebumps. The moment you watched The Two Towers trailer with the music from Requiem For a Dream. The first time you read The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, and then again the fifth time you read it. Or, seeing some of your childhood heroes assembled on stage to celebrate the 25h Anniversary of Child’s Play.

Child's Play Panel NYCC 1

I wasn’t the biggest Chucky fan at first growing up. I have a fear of dolls, and when you see a homicidal one with all-too realistic movements; well that was a recipe for me to hide away from the movies until I was a teenager. Yet, when I finally sat down and watched, at that time was just the first 3 films; I fell in love. I fell in love with Don Mancini’s insane creations and the maniacal laughter of Brad Dourif’s diabolical doll.

Child's Play Panel NYCC 2

First, we had a brief indruction by the Doll of the Hour, Chucky. A puppeteer worked the doll and Brad Dourif voiced an introduction to the panel, as well as a mashup video by Mike Relm which I put below. Ain’t It Cool News webmaster, Harry Knowles, presided over the panel that included: Jennifer Tilly (Tiffany in Bride, Seed, and Curse of Chucky), Don Mancini (Child’s Play creator), Brad Dourif (Grima Wormtongue), Fiona Dourif (Nica), Danielle Bisutti (Barb), Alex Vincent (Andy). Below, I have some of the highlights of the panel.


Don- Son of an advertiser. His dad introduced him to different ads and when Cabbage Patch Dolls came out, that’s what inspired him to take them and turn them into Chucky. He was also influenced by movies like Magic and Trilogy of Terror. The advancement of animatronics in the 80’s was also a big help for helping Chucky come to life.

Brad Dourif- created the voice during rehearsal. Chucky evolved down the road as he fell in love with Tiffany

Jennifer Tilly- She felt weird at first, acting opposite of a doll. Brad and Jennifer voiced the characters and actually got to react against one another. When Tiffany died, brad cried, but then in Child’s Play, nobody ever really dies. When someone says they’re “all rubber” Don’t listen to to them.

Alex Vincent- He was six years old at the audition. He ran away at one point because he didn’t want to swear in front of his mom when asked to say “bitch.”

Don Mancini didn’t meet Alex until Child’s Play 2, because Tom Holland directed the first film

Tom Holland cast brad Dourif

Don- How to keep chucky fresh? Keep making it more absurd and diverse.  Went on web sites and read people wanting chucky to be scary again

Fiona- She told everyone her dad is chucky growing up. Would scare children when they visited by using the doll. First, she had read for Barb and dad wanted her to be the lead and made her read for that.

Danielle Bisutti- She felt Chucky ruined her childhood as well. When she was reading for the movie the power went out in her house and it was an omen

6 puppeteers bring chucky to life.

Jennifer- puppeteer covered in a tarp  as they walked the puppet. They would scratch chuckys balls and then touch kraft services

Three separate puppets in Curse of Chucky. Controversial stage 2 one used in logo. Stage 1 is a good guy doll. Stage 3 is closer to bride of chucky.

Danielle is very structured and wanting to go over scenes and Fiona was more like Nica and didn’t wanna do anything.

Everyone was happy making the movie and having a good time.

At end of seed of chucky. Tiffany goes in Jennifer Tilly. Tilly didn’t have the tattoo and that’s why it’s Jennifer Tillys body and Tiffany’s soul.

Brad- bought the McFarlane toys. Brad was shocked by the doll sex in Bride, seeing it on the big screen.

“Barbie’s a slut”- said Brad in chucky voice

Brad- How has chucky changed you? Chucky loves his job. He has a blast. And Chucky gave him that.

Shot in curse of chucky that didn’t appear- very last shot of film is Andy living Above a shop called “Andy’s Gun Shop”

Brad Dourif almost played the joker in original batman movie. Studio said no.

People are always asking Don for a Child’s Play vs Leprechaun movie and he would rather see Chucky versus Freddy. The movie would be Child’s Play on Elm Street. Chucky takes control of a kid and then Freddy goes into the kids dream. They would both be impressed by what the other does, but soon realize there isn’t enough room on Elm Street for the both of them. It’d be a contest of who can kill the most teenagers.



Below, is the mashup by Mike Relm via his YouTube Page.

I stood up at the end to ask my questions: Why didn’t this movie go to theaters, because it would have made a KILLING (sorry)?and Will we be seeing more Chucky movies? Unfortunately, some guy asked a five-part question in front of me and ruined my chances because of time. Let’s hope that another amazing film comes from Don Mancini and company soon enough!