Hey Towelites! Just a quick update from the world of LEGO and DC Comics! Remember back when The New 52 hit and Nightwing changed his colors from blue to red? Of course you do. If you’re anything like me then you were a big fan of his black and blue duds. Not saying the red wasn’t cool but I love the original look of the old uniforms as I am also a big fan of Batman’s blue, grey and yellow theme. Anywho, the latest LEGO DC Comic movies have been packed with some really neat, EXCLUSIVE minifigures that you can’t get anywhere else. From Bizarro Batman to The Trickster to Cosmic Lad, buying the films has been a great way to build your collection without having to dish out serious bucks on sets.

Nightwing LEGO 01Well the next film to hit your home theater will be Justice League: Gotham City Breakout. Rumored to be packed with this movie is a blue variant of the Nightwing (red) figure we got back a year or so ago called Man-Bat Attack. I remember how excited I was to finally get my hands on a Nightwing minifig, especially seeing how much the original ones were going for. Plus updated LEGO’s are the best anyways. Well kids there you have it, pre-orders will be available soon as they are already popping up in some countries. We’ll keep you updated to when this pack will be available! Until then happy hunting!