September will be a month full of big events (including the birthday of yours truly), and it’s starting off with a bang, as today Nine Inch Nails releases their latest album, Hesitation Marks.

Trent Reznor does it again, with yet another album that just proves his musical genius in a world full of repetitive crap. Hesitation Marks actually seems to be, overall, one of his more complex albums (though Fragile might always be his Magnus Opus).

While having its own unique and distinctive sound – one that encompasses and represents Trent as a musician, where he’s been and is currently at this point in life (something each his albums have such a great way of doing) – this album has something more to it, in that it it also encompasses the “sound” of his musical career so far.

From tracks that make you feel they belong on Downward Spiral to With Teeth to even The Slip, Hesitation Marks seems to include a feel from everything preceding it, giving its own unique sound an almost sentimental feel. All the while, Hesitation Marks still feels new and original.

So, check out the new album when you get a chance, and see for yourself why I consider NIN one of my favorite bands of all time.

You can download their latest album at, Amazon and iTunes; or even order the actual CD which comes with a hardcover booklet filled with the great and interesting artwork that always accompanies NIN’s style of music (I should have that in my mailbox as soon as I get back home).

Don’t miss out!