That’s right folks,

Nine Inch Nails, is coming back with yet another album, and I have to say, I’m giddy with excitement.  And yes, I realize the oxymoron of being “giddy” over an Industrial rock style music that is NIN; but there is not much less I can feel from my all-time favorite band.

Having gone on haitus since 2009, when NIN went on their Wave Goodbye tour (which was absolutely mind-blowing by the way), Trent Reznor claimed The Slip as the last NIN album that was being released… at least for a while.  No one ever new if and when they would return.

nin group

Reznor continued his musical career with his side band How To Destroy Angels, including his wife Mariqueen Maandig, fellow musician Rob Sheridan, and friend and band mate Atticus Ross.  The album strayed from what Trent usually provided us, but you could still hear his influence underneath it all, and for those who craved more of it, it would do.

trent reznor oscar

What was more amazing is, after his quasi-experimental album Ghosts, an ambient series of short tracks, Reznor found a love for musical scores; and teaming up with friend and director David Fincher, not only produced the amazing soundtracks for The Social Network and Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but actually even won the Oscar for best Original Score (on Social Network) – and well deserved I might add.  Personally, I feel it takes a lot of talent and skill to be able to divert from the music one usually makes, to compose one for a film (another great band like this is Daft Punk, and their amazing soundtrack for Tron: Legacy).

But after all these years, Trent admits to something… “I’ve been less than honest about what I’ve really been up to lately.  For the last year I’ve been secretly working non-stop with Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder on a new full-length Nine Inch Nails record, which I am happy to say is finished and frankly f*cking great!”


The album comes out later this year on  Columbia Records, and has a tentative date of September (3rd?) and titled Hesitation Marks.  (and what a creepy title at that, if you know what hesitation marks refers to that is).

And the cherry,on top of the ice cream sunday that is the awesomeness of this news???  NIN has released a NEW SONG for us to hear today!  The song, Came Back Haunted, sounds great… NIN to it’s core.  I’m always weary with new product from old favorites, and this one starts off a little different – but a couple minutes into it, I found myself smiling at the realization that… they’re back… NIN… and oh, how I’ve missed them!  Check out the song on Soundcloud here!

NIN Stage

And with tour dates firming up, this might just be the best news of the year!  Stay in touch as we bring your any updates from this amazing band!!!  Frankly f*cking great indeed, mr Reznor… frankly f*cking great, indeed.