Is Mario About to Make the Leap to Mobile?

If, like me, your dream in life is to be able to whip out your cell phone and knock out a few levels of Super Mario Brothers while waiting at the dentist’s office, Nintendo may finally be making those come true.

While they have all but denied that Mario would be making his iOS or Android debut (on anything but third-party emulators), they have officially stated that Nintendo is looking to make their presence known on mobile. Nintendo cites mobile’s rapid market growth and an opportunity to expand their relationship with their customers as motivators for the strategy.

The company has traditionally developed on its own consoles. Other game companies such as EA and Microsoft have already joined the mobile world by offering platform-exclusive games and supplemental content for console games.

The official announcement makes no mention of specific characters, intellectual properties, or ported games to these platforms, but does state that the development team has been given considerable freedom to work on the project.

No definitive timeframe for when customers could see this content have been released, but we will keep you updated as more details become available.