The Wii U has a ton of new titles that will showcase the technology of the GamePad Controller and also spark new interest in the console that has been struggling to connect with the market since it’s arrival.
Hopefully that’s all going to change with these titles that will integrate the unique properties of the giant controller:
  • StarFox: Everyone’s favorite airborne fox will utilize the GamePad for behind the ship views and control of the ship.
  • Project Giant Robot: The controller’s movement and not just the controls will pilot a robot in the digital equivalent of Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots.
  • Mario Maker: This title makes use of the giant touchpad on which you will use a stylus to create your own levels. Once you’re done, stash the stylus and prepare to guide your favorite plumber through your creation.
  • Project Guard: This tower-defense style game displays a map with all of your “turrets” which you can control to defeat waves of robots.
  • Captain Toad Treasure Tracker: Our favorite little mushroom man gets his own title reminiscent of a mini game in Super Mario 3D.
  • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: Kirby’s back and the touchpad is how you will help him navigate through his crazy wonderful world.
  • Splatoon: Your GamePad, like with Project Guard, will display a map that will help your co-op play so that your teammates are on the same page with where they need to spray.
The biggest takeaway for me is that Nintendo is bringing the experience of the 3DS to the big screen by turning the GamePad into your second screen. I’m a big fan of this concept as having the map there is definitely a big help when you’re trying to navigate a dungeon or remember where the heck you saw that big rock you needed to blow up (*cough* Legend of Zelda *cough*). What would be even cooler would be if instead of needing to shell out the money for multiple GamePads when friends came over is if Nintendo brought this experience to a mobile device so a guest could use their phones or tablets to join you.
Is this feature a turn-on or do you use it already and hate it? Let us know!