Berserk is EASILY my favorite anime/manga. I have watched and read both iterations of the classic story by Kentaro Miura. I’ve been wanted to pick up the amazing special editions and now Dark Horse is releasing a set of limited-edition bookends, check out the official rundown below!

Kentaro Miura’s Berserk has horrified and delighted manga and anime fanatics since 1989, and Dark Horse Direct is proud to present a new way to display your manga collection with these limited-edition bookends. Based on Gut’s sword, Dragon Slayer, these bookends are meticulously sculpted and hand painted to showcase the power and battles of the Black Swordsman. Made of polyresin, each bookend stands at approximately 7” tall, 5” deep, and 9”-10” long. Take your claim to this blade, and pre-order today!

“It was too big to be called a sword.” – but you can call it your new bookend!


  • Berserk Bookends, approximately 7” tall, totaling 19” long when displayed without books
  • Hilt end to Book Backing, approximately 10” long
  • Blade end to Book Backing, approximately 9” long.


  • Edition Size: Limited Edition of 1,000
  • Expected to Ship: July – September 2020
  • Sculptor: Bigshot Toyworks
  • Painter: Ed Bradley
  • Product Packaging Size: Approximately 19” H (482.6mm) x 16” W (406.4mm) x 10.5” D (266.7mm)*
  • Product + Packaging Dimensional Weight: Approximately 25lbs.



Pre-order yours today over at Dark Horse Direct!