Snow White and the Huntsman was a movie that surprised me this summer. With a haunting soundtrack and beautiful cinematography, SW&H was a refreshing return to the fantasy genre. Now news has hit that Universal plans on moving forward with the sequel without its leading lady, Kristen Stewart. Also with the fact screenwriter David Koepp has left the production, no one is sure if director Rupert Sanders  (whom has had a rumored affair with Stewart) will return either. Sounds like a mess to me, also why ruin something that was good in the first place with a useless sequel. Why not leave it be? Let us wonder what happens after Snow White finds the Huntsman in the crowd….leave me with the smile I remember as we left the theater that day. Let me remember the 2 hours I spent thinking how beautiful Kristen Stewart’s eyes looked, when I can hardly stand her, mostly due to my over-exposure to the Twilight Movies thanks to my lovely wife. So save Chris Hemsworth for the Thor movies, because I don’t care for sloppy seconds.

Thanks to Collider for the low-down!


UPDATE: In news that doesn’t improve the movie’s quality, Kristen Stewart could be making an “appearance” in this Huntsman centric sequel.

VIA: LA Times