Three days to go to back the AMAZING Kickstarter from Four Horsemen Studios, Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay. Now that the final figure has been announced after a crazy amount of money has been pledged to the project, over a half million dollars, the Horsemen have announced that their will be an “All-In” tier that will get you EVERYTHING that the amazing line-up offers. Here it is straight from the Horse’s mouth:

Included in the Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay All-In set are one each of the following figures and weapons packs for a grand total of $1,315.00 US and $1,612.00 international. These prices include shipping & handling costs.
Elf Legion Builder, Vampire Legion Builder, Steel Knight Legion Builder, Iron Knight Legion Builder, Gwendolynne Heavensbrand, Calavius, Lucretia, Boarrior, Lord Aydon, B’alam, Hagnon, Myria Goldenbranch, Vampire Knight, Gryshaa the Slytherer, Shadow Elf Warrior, Delphina of Eathyross, Fantastic Exclusive Winner, Gadriel, Deluxe Knight Builder 2, Orc Legion Builder 2, Faunus, Queen Urkzaa, Jjuno the Crusher, Malachi Cinderhorn, Aza Spiritbender, Freyja of Deadhall, Cavern Dwarf Legion Builder, Barbarian Warrior Builder, Artemyss Silverhorn, Herra Serpenspire, Brother Mandibulus, Xarria, Goblin Legion Builder, Knubnik, Gonxx, Snagg, Elf Ranger, Thistlethorn, King No’glin, Skeleton Soldier Builder, Morgolyth, King Bromdenn Ironjaw, Xylona, Elf Weapons Pack, Dwarf Weapons Pack, Knight Weapons Pack, Dark Forces Weapons Pack, Vampire Weapons Pack.
If you haven’t had the chance to pledge yet and you love what you see then I MORE than insist that you get on it now. You will get the best pricing when it comes to the amazing series and trust me when I say you WILL NOT regret it! I saw these in person at Toy Fair and they are as (if not more) impressive than the first series and I absolutely love that they are a part of my action figure collection. Head on over to the official Kickstarter before it ends and get yourself some amazing actions figures!