I’ve been a fan of R.L. Stine’s work for as long as I can remember. As a fan of reading and horror, it was great to see his unique titles and I read Fear Street as well as Goosebumps. Stine atteneded NYCC and his panel consisted of fans of all ages, as he talked about what’s coming up next for him.

RL Stine Panel NYCC 2013


      • Stine was asked if he read any comics, and he said that he started reading EC Horror Comics, and that’s what set him on his path. He loved how gruesome they were, and had always wanted to be a comic book artist growing up
      • He got the name for Goosebumps after watching an ad on television Channel 11 where they were showcasing horror films called: Goosebumps Week
      • He serves as the namesake for The Hub’s popular, “Goosebumps”-esque series, “R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour.”
      • Even though he hasn’t written a Fear Street title in over 10 years, that’s what he gets asked most about on Twitter
      • He confirmed the Goosebumps film that’s in the works, and said that Jack Black was 90% signed on to play him
      • A Goosebumps movie has been trying to get made for a long time, originally Tim Burton was attached as the producer before finally bowing out
      • Stine was surprised to see his fans were all ages and he asked them “Why are you here?” They all said “cause we loved you growing up as kids” He was shocked for becoming nostalgia



Well, I really hope a Goosebumps film comes about and it’s super fun and creepy and highlights all of the amazing works that Stine has created. As more news on Stine’s work comes in, we’ll keep you posted here at DFAT!