NYCC was a jam-packed weekend filled with exciting new information on all fronts.  I had the pleasure of going to a panel for Robotech and hearing some exciting information about the next steps for the classic anime.

Robotech has been around for over 20 years and over the years there have been a lot of changes as far as the distribution of the series. One of the biggest changes has been the online distribution. Episodes available online have been pulled to be remastered for better quality.  They are also going to be releasing a brand new 20 disc DVD box set including all 3 story arc of Robotech and also the full length movies. This box includes all the extra’s that the previous DVD sets have included, which is nice to know you won’t be missing out any awesome features.

In addition to the new remastered box set, they will also be focusing on merchandise for Robotech again.  The original 12 novels have now been produced in a digital form, which has yielded very positive results. They also have had calendars available in print since 2012, which is exciting because who does not like a sweet calendar.  If you’re into the music of Robotech as much as I am, also available are 25th anniversary special of the music of Robotech also remastered fem their original sheet music.

Releasing this year in December through Palladuim are new reprints of the popular Role-Playing games in a new size and also newly made miniatures for the RPG. The most exciting thing about this news is that the money for the new Robotech minaures came from a kickstarted account for Palladium when they were going through some financial hard times. Palladium was able to make 1.4 million dollars in one month and that says a lot about the fan base that still stands with Robotech even after 25 years.

The panel did touch a little bit on the Robotech live action movie. Only news to date is secured is the Production team: Akiva Goldsman, Jason Netter and Tobey Maguire (yes, that one). The Writers: Lawrence Kasdan, Alfred Gough, Miles Millar and Tom Rob Smith and the Director: Nic Mathieu.  The movie merchandising is going through Warner Bros.  Hopefully soon we will have an actual release date attached to this project.

The biggest takeaway that I got from the panel is that even though Robotech was produced 25 years ago, it still has a very loyal and large fan base.  Now is the perfect time for this old favorite to be released so that another generation and enjoy this classic.  The stories are timeless appeal to anime and non-anime fans alike.
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