A lot of people have been slagging off Spike Lee‘s upcoming adaptation of Oldboy. Given that the original, Chan Woo-Park film is so brilliant, audiences have been hesitant to give the American Version a chance. Well, writer Mark Protosevich and stars: Michael Imperioli and Pom Kiementieff brought some new footage to New York Comic Con in order to quell some fears. Let’s just say, this film doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint anyone.

NYCC Oldboy Panel

Protosevich said straight off,

[box_light]”It was one of the greatest movie-going experiences I’ve ever had.”  He continued, “All of us involved were very much inclined to treat the material with as much honor as we can. I know that there are people out there who feel this fundamental resistance to the idea of a remake, I would just advocate … give us a shot.” [/box_light]

The film will follow the Manga much more closely than the original film did, and Michael Imperioli promised that the violence in the film plays an important part. Kiementieff mentioned that she lost a toe while filming the movie. I wonder if that’s going to be in a final cut. It was revealed that Kiementieff was a female version of Mr. Han in the film.

Not to spoil what was shown, but the footage involved a great scene between star, Josh Brolin, and Samuel L. Jackson. Brolin had escaped his 20 years in captivity and has found Jackson, and has begun to interrogate him. The clip showed off great acting between the two of them, and also a bit of the violence we’ll expect to see.

I can’t wait to see the film when it opens November 27th, 2013.