I love DC‘s animated movies, you all know this very well. We here at DFAT loved The Dark Knight Returns part 1, you can check out my review here, and we are eagerly anticipating the final chapter coming early 2013, but what is next? At the NYCC Dark Knight Returns Panel, Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano revealed that there would be four major releases coming from DC‘s animated department. The first of course being TDKR p2, followed by Superman: Unbound, Justice League: Flashpoint, and finally LEGO Batman: DC Heroes Unite! Interestingly enough the latter has been teased back and forth for a while but now seems to be receiving its very own feature, no word on if the story will be any different from the game that was released this year. Funny that we get a LEGO movie of the team-up before a live action one. Geoff Johns‘ storylines are of course getting a lot of love, and why not! The guy basically helped to turn around the company, I am not very familiar with the Superman movie except that it does feature Braniac as the main villain. JL: Flashpoint of course was one of my favorite DC Comics cross-overs ever and I am excited to see how it gets the animated feature treatment. It is also being rumored that Kevin Conroy will once again lend his famous voice to the Dark Knight in Flashpoint. It is unfortunate that all the titles are Batman, Superman, or Justice League centric and that ONLY these names can carry enough weight to sell films, not that I won’t buy them all, nor will I argue against any Batman movies…but it would be nice to see some other characters get some love. Also revealed at NYCC, funnyman Conan O’Brien has lent his voice to the next installment of the Dark Knight Returns saga as talk show host David Endocrine. It’s a busy year for DC Animated and an expensive one for me!

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