NYCC presented us with an onslaught of news from their animation department! Two new movies scheduled for next year, we told you about the upcoming Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes Unite and the Iron Man Anime feature movie Rise of Technovore, well here are the trailers!!



But the best news, well in my opinion, even though I will be sad to see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes leave the airways, at least we have a substitute for it in the form of Avengers Assemble. The show will be more movie centric but promises to keep the mythos that came before it in EMH. We will see! Also announced was that Hulk and the Agents of Smash is officially picked up as well. The question here is who in the universe can stand up to not one but FIVE gamma-radiated super-beings….I’m not even sure Galactus and Thanos could.


Stay tooned 😛

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