New York Comic Con Survival Guide

NYCC is an incredible opportunity to get your geek on and be yourself, along with getting an inside look at your favorite comic books, TV shows, movies, video games, and more!  As a seasoned attender, though, I have a few suggestions for any newbie looking to attend next year’s event.


Have a Plan

NYCC 2014 the block 1There is a LOT to see and do at NYCC.  To get the most out of it you’ll need to plan out each day.  There’s The Block – where you can visit booths for independent artists, collectibles, unique clothing, and much, MUCH more.

The FloorThere’s the Floor where the action is! From MAJOR companies like Marvel to Capcom to LEGO, to costume shops, comic  book and toy dealers, and more!

Artist AlleyThere’s Artist Alley – where you can view artwork and get your own pieces signed by your favorite artist.

AutographingThere’s the Autograph section– where, for a fee, you can get an autograph from some of your favorite celebrities.  There’s also a Photo Op spot there where, also for a fee, you can have your picture taken with these celebrities.

Star Trek PanelAnd last, but certainly not least, there are the Panels – where you can listen to producers and celebrities talk about their TV shows, collectible manufacturers share details about their upcoming product lines, and find out about the directions that your favorite coming books will be heading.  If you want to see any of the most popular panels, which are on the Main Stage D, you need to line up in the “corral” at 10am (noon on Thursday) to get yourself a wristband for panel entrance. This is something new that Reed POP put in place this year, along with clearing the Main Stage after each panel, and let me tell you it’s genius! No longer do you need to waste time sitting on the floor while the day unfolds without you! NOPE! Just get your wristband, go enjoy your day and come back for the big panel. Nerds lined up outside the Javitts Center all night, just to be in line for the Walking Dead Panel when the doors opened.  So, decide what you want to get out of each day and make a plan for how best to do that.


Wear Layers

The temperature varies significantly from zone to zone in the Javitts Center.  If you wait in line for wristbands in the “corral”, you will be boiling hot, while some of the panels have freezer-like conditions.  For cosplayers it may be a little difficult to wear clothing that can handle all of the conditions.  For everyone else, unless you plan to cuddle the nerd next to you for warmth, I would suggest wearing layered clothing.



The lines for bathrooms at NYCC can become out-of-control if you’re not careful about it.  The bathrooms outside of the Panels have only a few stalls in each and always have long lines.  The bathrooms on the Show Floor have a few more stalls, but there are so many people crammed into that area that they also have long lines.  So, where is the best play “to go”?  Artist Alley.  The back wall of Artist Alley has a line of bathrooms and there are a ton of stalls in each.  I have never, not even on Saturday, had to stand in line to go there.


Prepare to be Exhausted

Let’s face it, with the exception of possibly a few, most nerds are not in training for any marathons.  At the end of each day of NYCC, though, you will feel like you just ran one.  Between fighting your way through the crowds, running to catch a panel, standing in line for wristbands and panels, and browsing your way through all of the booths, you will collapse in a heap at the end of each day.  With a 4-day pass starting at $95, you want to make the most out of your time there.  So, what are some ways to make this a little easier?  First, wear comfortable shoes – your feet will thank you.  Eat a big breakfast before you go to the show.  Drink lots of water.  The air in there can become stale and dry.  Water helps a lot!  Bring a backpack.  You may say that you aren’t going to buy anything, but those are famous last words.  All the bags will wear you down.  A backpack has padded straps and will help to distribute the weight.

If you stick to these guidelines you may just survive the 4 awesome days that are New York Comic Con!!