Toy fans were treated to some great reveals for their favorite lines at NYCC this year, but mostly from Mattel. I attended the so-called Mattypalooza this year only to be insulted by their love for their original line, Masters of the Universe. I think it is unfortunate the way Matty treated the fans/customers of the future DC Club Infinite Earths and Watchmen Club Black Freighter. The slide show was all MOTU orientated and when people asked questions about the other clubs they were treated rudely. This is a sign of things to come, I believe, and I am glad that we are getting some fan demanded characters before the true end of the DCUC line. Anywho, enough negativity about Mattel because what they actually showed off was awesome and I am looking forward to 2013.

I’m going to get MOTU outta the way, the big reveal this year was the blueprints to the upcoming Castle Grayskull set. This baby is huge as you will see in the pics below. The preorder for this set is available now at MattyCollector and it will only be produced if the classic Matty thermometer reaches 100%! So MOTU fans if you want this classic piece of geekdom to be made you best pony-up $250!!! The castle is so big that the Wind Raider will be able to dock on one of the towers!! Check out my pics of the blueprints:














Now on to the reveals from NYCC, the clubs I actually give a crap about, Club Infinite Earths and Club Black Freighter! First up showing off two new figures from the Watchmen sub, Club Black Freighter, we got a look at both the Silk Spectre and Night Owl!



Matty had previously revealed the first half of the 2013 line-up for Club Infinite Earths as the selling point for the 2013 sub, we got looks at great figures like Saint Walker, Wally West Flash, The Phantom Stranger, Larfleeze, the Elongated Man, and Monseiur Mallah with the Brain! But there are still 6 OR maybe 7 more figures coming next year and Matty showed off three more at NYCC! Freddie Freeman, The Red Hood, and the Huntress prototype!!


Finally, Hasbro had very little presence at NYCC this year, they didn’t even have a booth! They did have their annual pre-party where they showed off these three upcoming figures from Wave 5 of Marvel Legends. Kinda disappointing…


Stay tooned 😛

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