Been looking to sink your teeth into an old-school RPG? Look no further than Lumen, an independent game created by ImperiumProd. It just launched on Steam and it looks to check a lot of the boxes of nostalgia for the roleplaying games of old. Learn more and watch the trailer below.

Independent development studio ImperiumProd release their old-school top-down role playing game Lumen on Steam today for $5.99/€4.99/£4.79/pуб.154, which will be 20% less for the first week.

Paying homage to classics such as Golden Sun and Chrono Trigger, Lumen is an RPG containing all the features that make this genre as good as it is: exploration, quests and dialogues with numerous NPCs.
“Lumen is the result of a four-year-old project”, says Romain Chomier aka Imperium, CEO at ImperiumProd. “The game has had a very positive reception and has sold nearly a thousand copies to this day in French”.
Set in the continents of Piastol, Amesial and Dangral, Lumen has no random encounters since foes are visible on the map. You may try avoiding them but some aggressive creatures will chase you.
Battle sequences in Lumen are turn based but strewn with mini-QTEs (1 to 3 button presses) to validate the player’s choices. This system is balanced with a counter and evasion system.
  • Old-school top-down role playing game.
  • Paying homage to classics such as Golden Sun and Chrono Trigger.
  • Exploration, quests and dialogues with numerous NPCs.
  • Adventure set in 3 continents.
  • No random encounters.
  • Turn Based combats with mini-QTEs balanced with counter and evasion system.
  • Intuitive menus.
  • Developed with RPG Maker software.
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