The more I hear/see from Spike Lee‘s upcoming adaptation of Oldboy, the more I’m getting excited for it. The film stars Josh Brolin as a man who is imprisoned for twenty years and must figure out why and who did it. He seeks out bloody revenge along the way.

The newest trailer looks to fit the tone of the original Park Chan-wook original, but also adding a bit more of Lee to the mix. Check it out, as well as some new images below!

Brolin had this to say about the film:

[box_light]…the movie possesses a dark baroque quality that will likely alienate some critics and even seems to have elicited a mixed reaction in Brolin. ‘I do have opinions, but it’s better to bite my tongue,’ he said when asked what he thought of the finished film. (The actor says he was more enamored with Lee’s earlier three-hour director’s cut that was both quieter and filled with more character-centric moments.)[/box_light]

Oldboy opens November 27th. The film also stars: Elizabeth OlsenSharlto CopleyLance ReddickMichael Imperioli, and James Ransone.