Think Lovely Thoughts

This season of Once Upon A Time really is a family affair. Just when we were hoping that the family tree didn’t get any more complicated we learned that Peter Pan is part of this twisted family as well. No real OUAT fan was really that surprised with the way this season is going but never the less, let’s discuss our twisted family tree.

Last night’s episode focused on the very sad childhood of our favorite baddie Rumpelstiltskin. In previous seasons we’ve heard that Rumpel’s father was the town coward who ran away from his troubles. We finally met him and while it’s true he ran all the way to Neverland to escape his troubled past, it seems that Rumpel’s father (who wasn’t ever named) was more of a deadbeat jerk than anything else. We also learned that two old spinsters took Rumpel in after his father sent him away from Neverland so he could become Peter Pan. It was those two spinsters that taught Rumpel how to spin straw (because all old women live in pairs and have really weird past times).

Aside from the backstory, not much else happens this episode. Pan finally took Henry to “save magic,” which really means Henry giving his heart to Pan so he can live forever. I will say that I did yell at my TV screen as Henry listened to Pan (who he’s known for 5 days) over his step-mom, mom and father. Before Pan talked Henry into giving him his heart, Pan locked Rumpel into Pandora’s Box.

Honestly fans, I’m not sure how all this is going to play out. If Rumpel isn’t the one to kill his jerk of a father/devil preteen, I’m going to be very upset, but I have no idea how he’ll get out of Pandora’s Box. Also, Henry collapsed after trading hearts with Pan. That’s NOT good. How is Emma, the savior of storybrook going to save the day this time?

~Princess Marvel