Hey Nerds. Tomorrow, Monday August 6th, is the last day to sign up for MattyCollector’s 2013 subscriptions. The sad thing is that thermometer over yonder represents the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths fate. Not good. Not good at all. Here’s hoping they come up with a way to at least put out the first wave of  figures, possibly at a higher price (not that I would be happy paying over twenty for one! Then again, not that I haven’t paid those prices before) or whatever other method they come up with. Maybe the pre-order concept

will come into play. All I know is that if it doesn’t happen it may be the end of days for Mattel’s plastic run on the “old” DC Universe. In 2013, Mattel is offering, at retail, two new lines: Batman Unlimited and DC Unlimited. These lines will feature mostly Batman and

Superman figures and related characters. So we may see some characters worked in that were originally part of the club, Saint Walker please. But not characters like Granny Goodness, Ra’s Al Ghul, even Shining Knight with Vanguard! It means we are going to see a lot more figures based on the New 52.  Nonetheless, I am VERY excited for the Watchmen Club Black Freighter, and I hope the best for collectors of the Masters of the Universe line as well. While I think miracles can happen, I don’t see one DOUBLING that thermometer in 24 hours.