Recently I was offered an opportunity to review the space adventure game Out There from Mi-Clos Studios for iOS. It was a challenge, but nonetheless fun adventure through space.

out there

You play as a lone astronaut, traveling through space in a cryo ship trying to get back to Earth. Along the way you will explore planets and scavenge for resources that will aid you in your quest. The planets may be resource-rich but will heavily damage your ship in the process. Each jump will use precious fuel. 


One of the objectives of the game is to collect as many alien words as possible. Interactions could end well with the species offering you a gift of resources or technology, or they could end your mission abruptly. During my play through my interactions were peaceful but my mining skills were certainly lacking. 


The overall style of the game resembles a comic book. There are few animations, the captions are 04_large_verge_medium_landscapedone in a comic-y font and the color scheme limited to blues and greens and purples. The soundtrack is also a mellow and, at times, haunting collection of music. 


Other reviews of the game I had seen talked about the loneliness that the game conveyed – which is absolutely true. Aside from interactions with beacons and the occasional alien life form, it’s just your astronaut out in the black.  


While I found that I sucked at it, the game brought me back time and time again to try and get closer to Earth. Every play through will be different from the planets you encounter to the random happenings that set you back or propel you forward. 



The push for resources and discovering alien life reminded me a lot of Mass Effect 2’s mining component, but not obnoxiously so. The game is fairly short, if you are unsuccessful you could be finished in under ten minutes, more if you do better than me (which you probably will). 

The game sells for $3.99 on the App Store, Amazon Appstore for Android, and is $4.99 on Google Play.