Pacific Rim is on it’s way to battle Monsters on the big screen this upcoming July. Today, we’re happy to show new images from the Guillermo del Toro directed film. We get to see some images involving Charlie Hunnan‘s character, as well as, giant robot looking great. The film will have these massive Jaegers, take on the monster Kaiju’s, in order to save mankind.

Check out the images below!

pacific-rim-jaeger-600x450 pacific-rim-kaiju-attack-600x450 pacific-rim-rinko-kikuchi-600x450 pacific-rim-cherno-alpha-600x450 pacific-rim-charlie-hunnam-rinko-kikuchi3-600x450 pacific-rim-pilots-600x450

Pacific Rim is due out July 12th, 2013. The film stars: Charlie Hunnan, Charlie Day, and Idiris Elba.