Anime-styled tank battles are coming to Android devices on Jan. 20 when Happy Universe releases the strategy game with RPG elements Panzer Waltz.  iOS owners can embark on the legendary quest played by millions across East Asia when the game releases on the App Store in Q2 201
In Panzer Waltz players take on the role of a commander and lead a team of Metal Maidens, biomechanically enhanced young ladies with tank-like attributes, while battling through a universe overrun with cyborg beasts and other mysterious enemies.
Screenshot_2015-11-05-13-43-12To obliterate opponents, players need to focus on preparing their Metal Maidens for artillery-fueled warfare. This can be done through upgrading the different technologies and abilities by leveling up through battle, salvaging components and arming the maidens with cutting-edge equipment.
Panzer Waltz offers three game modes. Players can advance through the story campaign, focusing on the RPG elements and PvE battles in Story mode; declare war against other players in PvP Clash mode; or take part in specialized PvE missions in Event mode.
“After almost two years of development, an overwhelmingly positive launch in China and a comprehensive localization effort, Panzer Waltz is ready for an English release,” says Martin Ma, CEO, Happy Universe. “With its gorgeous anime art-style, colorful cast of characters on an epic journey and engaging gameplay, Panzer Waltz will keep gamers busy for months to come.”
Panzer Waltz will be free-to-play and available via Google Play and the App Store.  The game will feature optional microtransactions for virtual currency.

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