We’re pretty huge fan of Indiana Jones here at Don’t Forget a Towel and even though the last film didn’t really help further along the franchise all that much, it’s still pretty exciting to know that Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford will be pairing up again for a fifth movie. While Indy 5 is still in pre-production, animator Patrick Schoenmaker will debuting an animated Indiana Jones title later this Month.

You can see the “Escaping The Tomb” print that Patrick created for ACME Archives in 2011 and is still available for purchase. Below, Patrick explains how the project came about:

Indiana Jones must have been my first true movie hero ever since I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark on a VCR way back when. Yes, some other heroes came and went, but Indy always held a special place. After Crystal Skull was released, my love for the character was once again fully ignited and with no new movies on the horizon back then, I decided to set up an Indiana Jones project of my own to keep the fire burning a little bit longer. So, that was back in 2011 and “a little bit longer” turned into 5 years of hard work. The end of the project is finally in sight.


It’ll be interesting to see if this animated film will open up other cinematic adventures for Dr. Jones now that LucasFilm has been purchased from Disney. Who wouldn’t want to see a tv series like this on Disney XD? In the meantimes, we’ll have to wait until September 29th to find out what Schoenmaker has in store for us.

Thanks to /Film for the story.

Animated Indiana Jones Poster