I love Pirates and eyepatches and scury dogs. I love that whole culture and the swashbuckling and I love (Captain) Jack Sparrow. With that being said, I hated Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The movie was a slap in the face to the franchise, and it was simply made just to make the studio money. Obviously, it worked out for Disney; because the film grossed over a billion dollars.

Today, we get the announcement that the studio is going ahead with a 5th movie and has already nabbed a screenwriter. I’m not even sure I want to say what Jeff Nathanson has done can be considered writing though. His films include: Speed 2, Rush Hour 3, and Tower Heist. I hate all of those films. I had already given up on the Pirates franchise after the 4th film, and I doubt I’ll go back. Also, it hasn’t been announced if Johnny Depp or any of the other franchise actors will return. Disney doesn’t care, the movie will still be made.