Dawn of the Planet of the Apes hasn’t even hit theaters, and 20th Century Fox is keen to get the third film going. It’s been officially announced that we’ll be seeing a 3rd Planet of the Apes film, with Matt Reeves back behind the director chair.


After the departure of Rupert Wyatt from DOTPOA, Reeves stepped in to the take over as director, and it seems that Fox thinks he’s done a good enough job to come back for the sequel. Also, they seem to wanna have him move right into the 3rd movie when the current one is wrapped up.

Reeves is set to direct as well as co-write the film alongside Mark Bomback. Bomback wrote DOTPOA as well as The Wolverine. It seems that with this Reeves/Bomback duo, the franchise is in good hands. Can’t wait to see what happens in July and beyond!