Yesterday Playstation announced the new upcoming game from Square Enix and Eidos MontrealDeus Ex: Mankind Divided, and let me tell you, the trailer looks amazing!  Taking place in the near future where humans have incorporated technology into not only their lives, but their very bodies, this upcoming game looks like its on the cutting edge of epic storytelling and action.  Check it out…

For those of you who do not know, Deus Ex is a series of video games originally released by Eidos Interactive, starting back in 2000.  Despite critical acclaim, the series stayed in its past until Eidos Montreal decided to rejuvenate the series with Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  The game was amazing, mixing action and rpg elements into an in depth story with an amazing atmosphere.  Taking place in the new future, the stories revolve around Government and Corporation conspiracies, in the midst of world issues created by human/robotic augmentation.


Though Human Revolution focused more on the conspiracies and agencies the main character was trying to take down, the world the story took place was clear… human augmentation and technological advancements where not all that well received amongst society.  In fact, before the release of the game, developers released a amazing Live Action trailer, focusing not as much on the game itself but more on the type of world the story takes place in.  Set up almost like a news/documentary clip, it’s actually almost disturbing. Check that out below…

What looks like to be a high note of this upcoming sequel, Mankind Divided is that it seems it will focus more on the discrimination in the world between those with technological advancements and those without; something that was a result from the ending of the previous game (which involved the revelation of a conspiracy to the public, concerning augmentation).  Not to mention, Human Revolution had one of the most amazing soundtracks, and from the new trailer, it seems like they’ve kept the same composer, Michael McCann.  Seriously, the soundtrack is outstanding… like Blade Runner meets Gladiator multiplied by awesome.

So stay in touch as we get more news on the progress of this game, and if you have the chance, go play Human Revolution to see what you’re missing out on, and why this upcoming game has the potential of being absolutely amazing!  And if you’re in the mood for even more Deus Ex, check out the previous game’s (Human Revolution) extended cinematic trailer (this one focusing on the game obviously) below.