Could you be the next Joss Whedon? Absolutely not, but you can pretend with Plotagon!

Remember The Sims? Did you ever feel that you needed just this much morecontrol over their already id-driven existences?

Oh, do I have excellent news for you!

Not really, but Plotagon, a free program that allows you to create animated films with pre-built scenes and six different pre-animated and voiced characters, helps scratch that itch and makes you look more brilliant than you are.

You may be wondering how this has anything at all to do with geekery, but, during New York Comic Con (see DFAT’s coverage here), original superhero Stan Lee announced his partnership with Plotagon to develop an expansion that includes six brand new superheroes for the program, giving us all a chance to make the next blockbuster superhero film!

You may be asking yourself – how? Well, it all starts with a script. I’m going to share some screenshots of the small movie I put together for your painful entertainment:
Setting and Characters
Add some dialogue, with feeling, of course.
And then watch as magic happens:*
Plotagon Interface

Alice in Wonderland (currently available) and Pride & Prejudice (“coming soon”) have already been given the Plotagon treatment, and are (or will be) available in the store.

In addition, they have a community of budding filmmakers, so you can see what other people are working on.

We’ll be reviewing the expansion when it arrives on a computer near us in early November, in the mean time, brush up on your screenwriting skills, the fate of the free world may depend on them.