Oh the 90s, all the great things you gave me: slap bracelets, Darkwing DuckGargoyles, Comic Book Cartoons and my first exposure to Japanese culture. And while it means that I’ve gotten super old and the actors in it have aged similarly (or better, you be the judge) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Yes, friends, on August 28, 1993, the original teenagers with attitude hit the US and became a Morphinominal success. If you don’t remember having a favorite ranger or didn’t get teased for liking the show, then I have no idea what the heck you were doing back then.

Power rangers 01From the time I was six until just shy of sixth grade I spent every morning and eventually afternoon (a move that is one of the few times I’d ever thank FOX for anything) watching the technicolor squad on my screen, being scared out of my mind of Lord Zedd, giggling at the antics of Bulk and Skull and otherwise making sure I never missed an episode. I even learned to use a VCR in order to tape the show when I had to be at school.

I seriously watched the episode with Field Day and the Jelly Fish monster probably 20-30 times. In one week.

One of the best costumes I ever had was the Pink Ranger. My mom made it for me and I was super excited to wear it to a Halloween party and then I got sick. Forever after I aspired to be the pink ranger and well…it never happened. But I could still dream and maybe sometimes still do.

And after the aforementioned threshold of sixth grade, I stopped watching. For some reason, after Power Rangers in Space, I just wasn’t in anymore. I did check back for Ninja Storm and, to some extent, DinoThunder (after all, Tommy was back, with a Ph.D!).

With the upcoming “Legendary Battle” episode of Power Rangers Megaforce (according to IMDB, it’ll come out in November) and the announcement of an MMPR reboot movie, it looks like I’m not the only one who gets nostalgic about it. And stars like Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver, who has been every color except…yellow, pink and blue), Steve Cardenas (Rocky, Red and Blue Ranger), and Jason Faunt (from TimeForce, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite seasons, I know it’s old. Bonus? He looks better now than he did on the show.) are still drawing crowds at conventions.

There’s even a convention called Power Morphicon. Yes, Ranger Fans, we have our own convention.

It’s amazing throughout all its transformations that there’s still a series bearing the “Power Rangers” after over two decades. Which means that people who loved the show back then can watch it with THEIR kids. Crazy, huh?

Here’s to another two decades. May the Power Protect Us, Always.

Power rangers 02