I’ve always been a fan of turn-based strategy and role-playing games. Final Fantasy Tactics will live on as one of my favorite games of all times in the genre. Pox Nora instantly reminded of elements of the Square classic and wanted to share with you Towelites the news of the latest expansion coming to the game. It’s filled with new PvE quests and fun role-playing elements. Take a look at the Press Release and gameplay below!


New adventures are coming in the latest expansion to Pox Nora, the tactical turn-based strategy game with elements of collectible card games and fantasy RPGs, from Desert Owl Games. In Ronin players will battle with and against powerful new champions, embark on an epic new PvE quest and explore uncharted lands.

Ronin is the first expansion released by Desert Owl Games since the development team purchased Pox Nora from Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). Originally created by Octopi, the developers sold Pox Nora to SOE in 2009. Many of the original members of the Octopi team formed Desert Owl Games in 2011 and reacquired the game in 2014. Since then, Pox Nora has been completely rebalanced due to demands of the media, players and to return the game to the designers’ initial vision.

“There have been more than 20 million play sessions of Pox Nora in its eight and a half years of existence. Many of our players have grown up with the game and still login daily,” said Arthur Griffith, CEO, Desert Owl Games. “Our 24th expansion,

Ronin, builds upon the strategic gameplay and high-fantasy lore our passionate players love while still remaining accessible to someone trying the game for the first time.”

Features of Ronin Include:

* A PvE campaign

* Maps for PvE and PvP

* 60 runes (Cards that represent champions, spells and equipment)

* 40 abilities (Special behaviors, powers and effects that champions have)

* More than 50 champions

* Themes and updates to existing ones, including yeti, witches and cyclops

Pox Nora is free on Steam. The game features optional microtransactions for virtual currency that allows players to purchase rune packs and boxes immediately, but runes can be acquired without spending any real-world money.

For more details visit https://www.poxnora.com/index.do

To learn more about Desert Owl Games, please visit http://www.desertowlgames.com/


About Desert Owl Games

Founded in 2011 by Arthur Griffith and Justin Felker, two of the three original creators of Pox Nora, Desert Owl Games’ goal is to design turn-based strategy games in persistent worlds that meet the needs of their passionate player base. In early 2014 Desert Owl Games acquired the rights of Pox Nora from SOE.