Let’s be honest here, you were already going to buy Borderlands 2, that’s a given seeing how rad the first game was, and based off everything we’ve seen, the sequel looks to be just as awesome. So what you should be doing now is heading over to Gamestop to pre-order the game, as not only will you get the previously announced Mechromancer class for free when it’s available, BUT you will also get the Creature Slaughter Dome DLC, which sounds like something outta PETA’s nightmares! In reality, it looks to be a Colosseum like place where you can tough it out against waves of creatures for gold and prizes. Seems like a good incentive to me! Check out the trailer to see what’s what!


Borderlands 2 hits the PC, PS3, and Xbox360 on September 18th, so make sure to get a Pre->order in at Gamestop before then in you want Thunderdo…..errr, Creature Slaughter Dome!