I remember a simpler time in gaming. You took out your floppy disk, you put it into your computer, and you got lost into an adventure that would transport you through time and fantasy. I’m talking about the days of MS-DOS.

No longer do you need silly things like a “controller” or “3D graphics” or any of that nonsense. All you need is your imagination and the ability to read. You wanna take an adventure on the Oregon Trail and learn about dysentery? There’s a game for that. Where exactly in the world IS Carmen Sandiego? Lets find out! These games shaped the youths of my sister and I, and we still hold fond memories today.

There’s nearly 2400 games at Archive.org and all you need is a web browser and a dream. My sister told me about this and said playing Aladdin without a controller was a pain, but I don’t care because I’m going to throw apples at people who think I’m a street rat. Enjoy!

Carmen Sanediego07