Before everyone’s favorite ‘Merc With a Mouth’ hits the big screen, you can take your favorite undead superhero Deadpool home with you. If you have a spare hat or spare change that needs to go someplace, the Deadpool Head Bank is the perfect place for it. We all know Deadpool can’t be killed by a decapitation so he’ll keep talk to you even as you stuff money into his medulla. Check out more details below!

Save Your Change for Chimichangas with Help from Deadpool

You can add banker into Deadpool’s resume with two PREVIEWS Exclusive Marvel Heroes Deadpool Head banks by MONOGRAM Products, available to pre-order from the May PREVIEWS catalog at comic book specialty shops. Available in either his classic red or grey X-Force getup, the banks are scheduled to release exclusively in comic shops in late September 2015, perfect for fans to have before the debut of the Deadpool movie in February 2016.


The life-sized Deadpool Head bank is ideal for storing spare change or cash, can be used as a hat holder, a trophy for showing off at your home or office or all of the above. Fans can pre-order Deadpool in his classic red and black suit with expressionless face and white eyes or get the special X-Force edition featuring Deadpool in his grey and black suit with beady red eyes. Both banks can be pre-ordered at any comic book shop from the May PREVIEWS catalog featured on page 580 using the item codes listed.


  • Marvel Heroes X-Force Deadpool PX Head Bank (Item Code: MAY152653, SRP: $29.99)
  • Marvel Heroes Red Deadpool PX Head Bank: (Item Code: MAY152654, SRP: $29.99)

Find a shop to order your own life-sized Deadpool Head Bank at

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