Admittedly when we received notice of this title, we were a little confused. I was kind of concerned that it was a “Dating Game” which conjures all sorts of terrifying possibilities. I mean…what you do in your spare time is your business but…then I kept reading and now it actually looks like fun!

The game child of Monique Blaize, Pumpkin Online is an MMORPG borrowing elements from classic games Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing to form a title that allows for more diversity than both.

Pumpkin Online MMORPG

You create a character, allowing for any gender and ethnicity, a homestead and take on a profession. The game will incorporate crafting, socialization and standard RPG activities while allowing you to socialize with real people. Classes, though they appear differently in the title, are just as crucial as they would be in any other RPG. Cooks make food for people to keep their stamina up, and Fishermen (or women), Miners and Crafters will also support others so the work can continue.

Pumpkin Online

The game even touts the possibility of same-sex relationships, something that’s still relatively new and rare in the space.

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