Good morning pursuers of plastic! Let’s see what’s new or coming soon in the wide world of collectibles!

Really excited for the upcoming Shudder exclusive Creepshow series, so much so I think it’s the perfect month to try out the service! Well of course Funko will be making a POP! based on the new ‘Creep” this collectible is sure to be on some fans’s shelves! Pre-order it now on our affiliate site Entertainment Earth!

Get your creep on with the host of the new Shudder horror anthology series, Creepshow. F/X legend Greg Nicotero’s new Creep makes his debut on September 26. It’s time to add this icon to your collection.


Strange that they didn’t give this guy his medal but ya know… Hasbro has announced their first exclusive for the season, the Black Series Star Wars/Marvel Luke Skywalker ‘Skywalker Stikes’. This one will be avaiable starting at the Germany Comic Con first and then fan outlets and more. You know it will be available for scaled-down release sooner or later.


These look pretty amazing and I am having a hard time not getting these, I’m just wondering what their long term plan is… The Super 7 TMNT Ultimates pre-order will begin on October 1st and run through October 31st and will cost you $45 a piece.



The MaFex Black Manta by Medicom is now available for pre-order where ever you usually buy your MaFex figures. I choose to import them from Japan because it costs me about $20 less than ordering from most domestic shops. If you’re interested head on over to Ami Ami.


Lastly today check out the Main Man and the figure that I am having a hard time justifying not buying. Storm Collectibles has created an amazing 1/12 scale Injustice Lobo and he would fit in with any DC line you are collecting at that scale. Keep an eye out for the pre-order at it should go live soon on our affiliate site Entertainment Earth!