WE ARE FUNDED! What an amazing two weeks we just had for the ‘Pursuit of Plastic’ Kickstarter! It is super exciting to be working towards our first stretch goal, a variant cover by Vini de Souza! We are trying to reach $2500 and if we make that goal the variant will be included for those who pledge a physical tier of $30 or above! All others will get the variant as bonus digital content!

We’ve had some excellent coverage for the comic over the past two weeks. Check out some of our Geekly discussions with all the great shows below and give them a follow!

With just over a week to go there’s plenty of time to back or share! Head on over to Kickstarter and check out the Pursuit of Plastic! Casey, RJ and myself want to thank every one who has helped make the comic a reality.  Also check out the DFAT Comics page to see our other titles! 




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