I’m a sucker for some puzzle games featuring a boy and his companion. Anyone else a big fan of A Boy and His Blob? The tradition continues in the upcoming, LUNA The Shadow Dust, coming from Lantern Studio. The four-person indie team is releasing the adventure this February and we have more information on the project below!

A Journey to Find the Light

The moon has gone dark, leaving an enchanted world draped in shadow. Join a young boy on a quest to recover lost memories, restore the light, and reveal the dark secret that lies beyond the ancient tower at the edge of the world.

LUNA The Shadow Dust is the first game from Lantern Studio, a four-person indie team based in London, Toronto, and Shanghai. Application Systems is the game’s publisher in all regions outside of Asia.


  • Traditional frame-by-frame character animation: 12 frames per second, 3 layers per frame. Over 250 animations and 20 minutes of cinematics. A nostalgic and time-consuming process that earned LUNA an honorable mention in the IGF’s Excellence in Visual Art category 2020.
  • Single-player mode with dual-character control: Coordinate between the boy and his mysterious companion — two playable characters drawn together through an inseparable bond.
  • Think outside of the box: Spark your imagination with a wide variety of puzzles presented in gorgeous hand-drawn environments. Each puzzle is standalone, requiring no pixel hunts or backtracking.
  • A moving story without words: LUNA’s enchanted world comes to life through a series of beautifully hand-animated cinematics and an immersive original soundtrack.

Preorder and Save

LUNA The Shadow Dust will sell for $19.99 / £16.99 / EUR 19.99. Preorders are available directly from Application Systems to save 20%: https://ashgames.com/lunatheshadowdust/preorder