Necrosoft Games’ console hybrid genre hit Gunhouse finally hits Steam and today, after successful runs on Switch, PS4, Mobile, and Vita!
Gunhouse is part puzzle, part active tower defense, as you make big combos to launch a hail of bullets and special attacks at the alien invaders who would like nothing better than to consume your delicious orphan friends. The game contains infinite levels, upgradeable weapons, a newly-tuned survival mode, a weird story by Brandon Sheffield (Street Fighter 30th, Indivisible), a unique hand-drawn art style, music by Hyper Light Drifter composer Disasterpeace, and code by Frog Fractions creator Jim Crawford.
“After our physical release of the game, complete with cassette soundtrack, we wondered what’s next? Are we forgetting anything? Oh right, PC,” says Brandon Sheffield, Creative Director at Necrosoft. “In seriousness, PC has been one of our most requested platforms, but we wanted to make sure we got it right, and could release the game at a competitive price. We hope PC players will find it worth the wait! With its never-ending gameplay, some fans have sunk over 100 hours into Gunhouse. Why? We’re not sure, but it’s probably because they like it!?”
The original version of Gunhouse was first released on PlayStation Mobile in 2014 and since then has seen releases and upgrades for Switch, PlayStation Vita, PS4, Jump, Hatch, iOS, Android, and even Windows mobile. This specially-tuned PC version hits at the nice price of $6.99, features all updates and input styles from prior versions, so you can play with controller, mouse and keyboard, or touchscreens. The whole thing runs at a steady 60 fps on Windows and MacOS.
Gunhouse is available for Windows on and Steam. The MacOS version is available now on, with Steam coming soon
  • Puzzles!
  • Tower Defense!
  • Weird story!
  • Weapon upgrades!
  • Infinite levels!
  • Hecked-up bosses!
  • Touch/Controller/Keyboard support!
  • Mac version!
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