Quest for Infamy – Epic Old School Adventure

Your quest begins with a bawdy encounter with the Baron’s daughter which ends in you needing to escape quest for infamy 1with your life from a tower. Don’t worry, you’re not actually fighting yet.

The timely arrival of a dude with a cart gets you to your first town in the Valley called Volksville. Before long you learn there are some really exciting events taking place that maybe you should observe.
Expect a lot of cultural stereotype accents and colorful characters as you explore. Witty banter and dialogue that sometimes break the fourth wall will also guide you on your way. Though I didn’t finish the whole game, I can kind of tell that the game will probably include 2014-07-15_00002various acts of debauchery as the game progresses.
In true RPG fashion, you can use the fight styles of a rogue, a warrior, or a sorcerer. The sorcerer is the easiest to locate in the story, as far as the others…I was challenged to locate them.
Combat is turn based with your actions being governed by the path you chose. I was working on the Rogue quest line which involved a lot of stabbing.
It reminds me a heck of a lot of Peasant Quest which was on Without the burning peasants.
The controls take a bit of getting used to. For one, you change how you interact with someone or Quest For Infamy 2something by cycling through using the right mouse button. You can speak, attack, or get more information on something. The one that got to me the most was when you are directing the protagonist around. The game has no Full Screen option which means that multiple times during a play through I would accidentally click outside of the frame and end up needing to go back into the window.
Aside from that, it’s really just a fun point and click role-playing 2014-07-15_00001adventure. I’m a sucker for games the harken back to a simpler time where storyline was at the center and graphics were so-so.
If you are not a fan of bawdy humor, I’d stay away (as that is at the heart of the story). If you yearn for a simpler time in RPG gaming, then begin your quest immediately!
Check out their website to learn more at Infamous Games. The game retails for $19.99 on Steam,,Phoenix Online Store, and Green Man Gaming