Hillbilly Horror Show’s Rachel Faulkner is set to star in a new film from director David Mun called Finding Waldo. In addition to yakking to us about her hit horror series, the beautiful model and actress gives us the 411 on the upcoming movie.

You’re in a new film that needs a bit of support, can you tell us more about Finding Waldo?

RachelFaulkner-Yes, I can! Finding Waldo follows the tale of Chance Reed, a former pro quarterback that ended up in a tragic, drunken car accident, thus putting him on parole years later. He now works at a unique insurance firm, where my character Lucy is the assistant. Chance gets recruited into selling out a best-selling novelist, Waldo Green from potentially faking mental illness to defraud the insurance system that protects his ideas. Chance ends up breaking Waldo out of the psych ward, and an adventure to Arizona begins.

Who else is in the film with you?

-Bo Keister from Hillbilly Horror Show plays Chance Reed. Matthew Jacobs plays Waldo Green, and Richard Riehle plays Cyrus Motley, who is the owner/creator of the insurance company.

What type of character will you be playing?

-I play Lucy, who is the assistant to the insurance firm where Chance works.

RACHELF2Has it been fun playing Lulu on Hillbilly Horror Show?

-Yes, it has! The Hillbilly Horror Show cast and crew are wonderful. I’ve really enjoyed all the times we’ve filmed, and I can’t wait to meet up again soon to film the next volumes.

Do you get nervous at all, having to perform in the skimpy clothes and saying the hilarious but racy dialogue?

-I never really felt nervous during our performances. There were moments of embarrassment, but it was always a matter we could easily laugh off and joke about later on.

Has being on Hillbilly Horror Show helped raise your profile? Did Ride Along 2 come about because of it?

-It has helped raise my profile. Hillbilly Horror Show was my first SAG project I worked on, so it helped me attain my SAG eligibility as well as provide a platform for acting improvisation. I booked Ride Along 2 on my own by chance when I was in Miami for a few months shortly after starting the HHS series.

For those that haven’t seen it, where can we watch Hillbilly Horror Show?

-You can watch Hillbilly Horror Show Vimeo, Amazon.com, Xbox, Tubi TV and many more platforms. For a complete list, see our website at hillbillyhorrorshow.com

Thanks a ton to Rachel for speaking with us. Make sure to check out the Hillbilly Horror Show for all of your horror/comedy needs!